Oct 10

Why Im Leaving Your Blog

Photo By: Davichi

Every day, I visit about 5-10 new blogs.  Most of them aren’t able to capture my attention for more than a minute.  However, a small percentage of them do manage to intrigue me enough to take a deeper look into their blog.  But, that’s besides the point because in this post I will be dwelling on the negatives… The stuff that makes me want to facepalm.

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Oct 10

First Monthly Report – October 2010

Hi guys and I thought that doing a report for each month would be a new and interesting way to see my blog traffic grow.  For this month however, I will be using FireStats as Google Analytics has been a bit buggy for me.  This post was inspired by Corbett from ThinkTraffic.net.  I love what he’s doing over there, and I thought it would be a good idea to do something like this on my blog.

The Stats

  • Comments: 116 (Although some of those comments came in September)
  • New Subscribers: 2 (I created my RSS feed this month :D )
  • Posts: 4 (I need to start posting more!)

What I think about these stats

Well, getting 150 visitors to my blog isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but I am getting some results.  To increase these stats, I definitely need to write more posts, and write more guest posts.  I’m trying to stay optimistic, and hopeful that my traffic will increase.  But, all in all, for a blog less than 2 months old, I believe that I’m not doing too terrible. :)

Goals for November

  • My first goal is to write more.  I have been extremely busy with school and thus have not found the time to post a lot.  My first goal for this month is to post 2-3 high quality posts per week for you guys.  To do this, I will have to be more efficient in everything, including schoolwork, writing posts, and not getting distracted as much!
  • Also I will try to get 3 guest posts published on other blogs in the month of November!
  • Respond to ALL comments left on this blog
  • Get over 1,000 page views and 300 visitors
  • Get 100 comments
  • Get 10 subscribers to my RSS Feed

Please, leave a comment and tell me what you think about these stats, and tell me how you’re doing with your blog.  Or, tell me if you like this kind of post, or if you dislike it.

Oct 10

Three Reasons Why ProBlogger.net is So Successful

ProBlogger.net, run by the internet famous Darren Rowse, is a wildy popular blog that focuses on helping other bloggers out. Right now, his Alexa rank is an astounding 1,996, and according to Compete.com, around 165,000 people visit his blog each month. Now those are figures you and I could only hope to ever accomplish. We can learn so much about how to blog by taking a look at his blog and personality.

1. Content

The reason that everyone keeps coming back to Darren Rowse’s website.  Content is the real reason why it is so successful.  If you have ever read one of their articles, there has a certain flow and extremely useful tips that leave you wanting more.  I also noticed that Rowse doesn’t only use text in his posts, but many different pictures, and video that keeps a reader engaged and interested in his content.

2. Personality

Your personality is the second most important thing in blogging.  You can either be an outspoken person, writing about whatever you want and not caring what people think.  These people usually create conflict which can really help your blog.  A great example of a person like this would be Perez Hilton from PerezHilton.com.  (Even though he says he has changed his ways)  Then there is the person who never upsets anyone, and is just an all around chill person who never creates conflict.  This is what Darren Rowse is.  He has a likable personality that keeps people coming back.

3. Design

I strongly believe that design is the most important factor in keeping a visitor on your website for the first 10 seconds or so. If I don’t like the design of the website I’m visiting, I’ll immediately click off. I love how ProBlogger is designed. There are no blaring ads on the front page, just some moderately sized ones on the right side of the screen. I also like how there is sort of a flow of the web page, it is pleasing to the eye.

Why It Matters?

Learning from the best is always helpful.  I hope this post shed some light on why Darren Rowse is so popular and things you can learn from him to make your blog better.

Oct 10

Is It Okay to Fail???

It has been said many times that failure will often lead to success.      (Photo by: Nima Badiey )

Is this statement true?  I certainly believe it is.  This post is meant to encourage you to keep on creating websites no matter how many times you’ve failed. Continue reading →

Oct 10

3 Ways to Get Indexed In Google Fast

So called “SEO Guru’s” will tell you that they can index your site within the hour. Well, I can’t guarantee that you will get indexed in that time…But, within a couple of days, Google WILL notice your site, and index it. These 3 methods that I will teach you, have been tested by myself multiple times, and have never failed me. I am positive that reading this will help you to index your site faster than ever before!

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